Ten Years of WoW

Gamespot speaks to a long time member of RTGC at BlizzCon.

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RTGC Rocks Halloween Across All Our Games


The Rough Trade guild in Guild Wars 2 poses for a wonderful costumed guild photo for our Halloween party in that game.

The past two weeks, players in World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, Star Wars The Old Republic, and Final Fantasy XXIV may have witnessed the odd and enticing experience of seeing hordes of elaborately dressed characters gather, dance, pose for huge guild photos, participate in contests, and in general just rock the house down as only RTGC can!

Second only to our summertime Pixel Pride Parades, Halloween has traditionally been a popular time to celebrate and reconnect with friends across all of our gaming properties. This year, we turned it out even bigger!


Our newest guild, MagiTaint Mayhem, shows folks how it is done in Final Fantasy XXIV.

Behind the scenes, guild leaders and officers held contests, awarded awesome prizes of game gold and coveted items, and generally worked some social mojo to help our beloved members celebrate the spooky season.

Thanks to everyone who participated and a big thanks to everyone who helped make this Halloween magic happen! <3


The Spreading Taint mega-guild in World of Warcraft celebrates our traditional Wickerman Festival.

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New Guild Leader Interview: Levi for Final Fantasy XIV

LeviGurrrl! Only somewhat recovered from our 10th Birthday Celebration and 4th National MeatUp at GaymerX in San Francisco. . . and now we are about to launch balls-n-labs out in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. We haz a feel this is going to be big. Let’s meet Levi, the guild leader for RTGC’s newest foray into FF. Oh, stop.

Benjamin Bon Temps: Hi! Important stuff first. Tell us about your Rocky Horror Picture Show fetish please!

Levi: I am OBSESSED with Rocky Horror, it was the first daring thing I did after I came out. I can’t act for shit, in fact I’ve dated actors who have been insulted by our midnight shows because we prefer a performance over a re-enactment of script. But I do know how to entertain an audience, even when perfectly in sync with the movie, and I sold the theater out every time as Frank N. Furter. My very first time I went on stage, one of my *ahem* boys fell out during “Make You a Man (Reprise)” when you have to bitch-kick towards Rocky, and damn that audience gave me a standing ovation. I did that show for 10 years across three cities. We even got the OK to perform in an old de-sanctified church, it’s all about sex and shock value with this show! I swear those poor friars dropped their jaw far enough to be on a Saturday morning cartoon.

But I think I’m even more obsessed with Tim Curry as an actor, he knows his roles are terrible but he will go head-first into absolute garbage and make his character so off the wall that you can’t stop watching. I have his autograph on my wall and I make an effort to watch every movie he’s ever been in. I even own the songs during his brief musical career!

Benjamin Bon Temps: If we wanted to stalk you, and we do, where might we first look?

Levi: I was born and raised in a little city called Buffalo. I’m a bearish leather man, so you can find me anywhere near either of those bars. If not there, I’m usually being a good pup and volunteering in the LGBT community. I work with an LGBT suicide prevention service, awareness for HIV/AIDS, I make sure I’m helping somewhere for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and I help out with pride events. I also love camping, so there’s a little gay campground down in our area that I’ll go to with friends, get completely hammered, and pass out in whatever location looks most comfortable.

Benjamin Bon Temps: For those of us who have never played a Final Fantasy game before, please explain to both of us the appeal, and how RTGC chose its guild name in FF?

Levi: Final Fantasy is as sacred to a console gamer as World of Warcraft is to an MMO gamer. The story and lore, the character development, the gods, even the weapons have legends behind them. Final Fantasy XIV combines the stories and lore of the past 13 games.

The name of the guild, MagiTaint Mayhem, was voted on in a poll by our members. It’s from Final Fantasy VI at a point where you think the game is finally over and the credits are about to roll. Kefka Palazzo comes from the rear, pulls out an army of devastating bastards to pummel you, yelling, “Uwee, hee, hee! How ’bout a little Magitek Mayhem?!” Magiteks are high-ranking mechanical mounts in Final Fantasy XIV, so I imagine our little army is going to be known for riding these massive vibrating beasts and giving some surprise pummelings in the rear.

Final Fantasy XIV also combines really innovative ideas from other games like the instant map battles of Guild Wars 2, the guild perks of World of Warcraft, the immersive story and development of Star Wars: The Old Republic, the guild housing of Vanguard, and so much more. And if you get sick of your role, all you have to do is equip another weapon and you’re a completely different class. You can master every class and tradeskill in the entire game on one character, and even use some of their special abilities to combine with other classes. You want a dps or tank with a healing spell? No problem. A healer with a guaranteed DPS focus crit buff? Sure thing. The combinations are endless. No more alts needed! And if your healer drops out of the raid, all you have to do is pick up that staff you’ve been working on.

Benjamin Bon Temps: I need a cigarette! You got to meet a lot of Rough Trade folks in a short amount of time at GaymerX in San Francisco earlier this summer. What qualities, if any, did you find that Rough Traders share, in general?

Levi: Rough Trade is the largest LGBT guild in the world, and for good reason. In real life they’re organized, helpful, constantly checking up on you to see how you’re doing, and going out of their way to make you comfortable. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I traveled across the country, but it was easily the best weekend of my life. Despite all of our love for that frisky flirtation in guild chat, the leaders of each of our guilds are very warm and welcoming people. I hope more people see that there are genuine human beings behind these Guild Leader titles.

Benjamin Bon Temps: You’ve assembled an awesome group of officers for us in FF. Tell us a lil about em?

Levi: They’re all very dirty individuals and I suggest that you stay away from them if you value your virginity. I don’t know what I’ve gotten myself into, I clutch my pearls every time they try to influence my virtuous morality! But I think you’ll really enjoy how down to earth and sociable they are.

Benjamin Bon Temps: Tell us about your history with MMOs and what, in your mind, RTGC hopes to achieve in FFXIV?

Levi: Final Fantasy XIV has massive potential for success. It has a fantastic story, it encourages players to play multiple classes to master jobs used in raids, it provides players with guild bonuses and even provides extremely expensive land for housing. Our goal is fostering the community and give players a reason to keep coming back. With the commitment of our guild and its players, we have a wonderful chance to really make every aspect of this game shine. I could not be any more honored to be the leader of my favorite guild in my most favorite series in gaming history. There is no greater honor, and I’ll listen to every idea our players give us to keep the game as fresh and exciting as we can make it.

Benjamin Bon Temps: Any other upcoming MMOs you are excited about?

Levi: I think Wildstar looks interesting. LuckyResNovae and I were acting as the booth babes for the RTGC table for the 10th anniversary and I had so much fun working with him. I’m looking forward to his leadership in that game.

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Happy Birthday, RTGC!

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The RTGC History Book Challenge


UPDATE! Here is another way to snag one of our popular RTGC pens for free! Visit Whatever! Comics while visiting SF @ 548 Castro St (between 18th St & 19th St). Whatever! is my fav comic store ever and is owned and operated by two awesome fellow comic book fanatics! Mention “The Rough Trade Gaming Community” while making your purchase at the register and receive a free RTGC pen! While supplies last!

As The Rough Trade Gaming Community rapidly approaches our 10th birthday celebration at GaymerX in San Francisco, we are asking members new and old to come help illustrate our long and proud history as a formative part of queer gaming culture.

Visit our booth at GaymerX and contribute  with your thoughts, memories, printed screenshots of something meaningful, shout outs to other RTGC players, etc. to our HUGE RTGC History Book. Those that share stories of their history with RTGC in our book will get a commemorative RTGC pen. While supplies last, lovers!

RTGC Pens!

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RTGC Pixel Pride Party Schedule


For current RTGC members, visit our main member site for info on our parties in Star Wars: The Old Republic, Guild Wars 2, and World of Warcraft. Also, remember to check out Rough Trade Radio for our select mixes o’ Pride music mischief. Happy Pride to ya, from all of us at RTGC. <3

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Join Us for Some Pixel Pride!

Join Us for Some Pixel Pride!

Click the pic to find out more about our annual Proudmoore Pride Celebration. Changes to WoW within the last year have made it necessary to alter our usual parade route. Read about it, and we look forward to dancing with you in Azeroth!

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